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  • Чт, 10:03: RT @methode: DYK Googlebot crawls as much as indexing asks it to crawl, never more. It may crawl less if the requested crawl volume would h…
  • Чт, 10:04: RT @methode: DYK there are some changes coming to JavaScript dialogs in Chrome? If you're relying on them, check this out: https://t.co/ylh
  • Чт, 10:04: RT @methode: DYK you can put hreflang either in the HTML, HTTP header, or the sitemap? It doesn't matter where it is as long as it's correc…
  • Чт, 10:05: RT @methode: DYK in Search Console you can use Fetch and Render to see how we see your page after rendering? It's the same renderer we use…
  • Чт, 10:05: RT @methode: DYK how often a page should be crawled is decided based on factors like change frequency and importance of the page on the Int…
  • Чт, 10:05: RT @danbri: https://t.co/ooIuC1elTy 3.2 is out! https://t.co/N3ixyanFTu - thanks to everyone who contributed!
  • Чт, 10:05: RT @methode: DYK the rel-canonical is a hint, not a directive? It's a very strong hint, but it may still be outweighed by other signals htt…
  • Чт, 10:06: RT @methode: DYK Googlebot doesn't render what it crawled? It's the indexer, Caffeine, that does the rendering. https://t.co/uYaPnqNFrf
  • Чт, 10:06: RT @methode: Does anyone with many jpegs on their site want to try this out & make a case study? Happy to reshare it if the study's good &…
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